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portrait of Sistrum before a concert dressed in black and rainbow scarves representing lgbtq pride

New Member Night


Discover the harmony of belonging! Join us for our next Member Night in September and become part of our musical family. Unleash your voice, forge friendships, and embark on a journey of musical joy and connection. Learn about participating in Sistrum and do a brief voice/part check.  This takes place at our regular rehearsal space- the Unitarian Universalist Church, at 5509 S. Pennsylvania Ave.  Then from 7pm-9pm we have our first rehearsal of the new season.  See our New Member FAQs for more information. 


Covid-19 & Sistrum

Currently, mask use during chorus rehearsals and performances will be optional for members, interpreters, accompanists, the artistic director, and any guest musicians. 

The following measures will be taken for enhanced disease mitigation:

 -All chorus members must be vaccinated, including applicable boosters*. Please bring proof of vaccination to the first rehearsal you attend each semester for review. 

* The Board recognizes that not all individuals will have the same number of boosters at this time, due to varying availability and guidance from the CDC. At a minimum, members must be fully vaccinated (1-3 vaccines dependent on vaccination brand) and have at least one bivalent booster. 


-Zoom rehearsals will remain available for those members who are ill or prefer to rehearse virtually.


-KN95 masks will remain available during rehearsals for those who prefer to mask. 

Sistrum's Board of Directors will revisit the policy on a routine basis and make changes as needed.

a group of diverse women wearing colorful shirts singing from choir books in rehearsal
a group of women of all ages singing from choir books in rehearsal
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