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2020 - Present

And Still There Will Be Singing

May 31st and June 1st, 2024

Voice On the Wind

   - Words and Music by Sarah Quartel

I Started Out Singing

   - by Jocelyn Hagen

The Singing Bowl

   - by Jeff Newberry

In The Dark Times

   - Commissioned by Sistrum

   - by Zanaida Stewart Robles


   - Text by Sarah Teasdale

   - Music by Elaine Hagenberg


   - Music and Lyrics by Elizabeth Alexander

This Is Me

   - Words & Music by Benj Passek and Justin Paul

   - Arranged by Mac Huff


   - Music by Rising Appalachia

   - Arranged by D Jagelski


   - by Craig Carnella

   - Arranged by Ryan Murphy

Cherish Your Doubt

   - by Elizabeth Alexander

Keep Going

   - by Andrea Ramsey

   - Words by Gardenia Bruce

Please Stay

   - by Jake Runestad

O, Sister

   - Music by Kathleen Allen

   - Text by D. Allen

Stand Together

   - Words and Music by Jim Papoulis

Only Light

January 13, 2024


   - Abbie Betinis

Be The Light

   - Words & Music by Lea Morris

See The Light

   - Words & Music by Sarah Quartel

A Patch of Light

   - Music by Jacob Narverud

   - Text by Robert Bode

Where The Light Begins

   - Music by Susan LaBarr

   - Words by Jan Richardson

In Meeting We Are Blessed

   - Music by Troy D. Robertson

   - Words by R. Gatsnahos

      and John Donne


   - Words & Music by Jaakko Mäntyjärvi

Caritas Abundant

   - Music by Michael John Trotta

   - Words by Hildegard von Bingen

Justice Choir Sing-Along:

This is What Democracy Looks Like

   - Words & Music by Elizabeth Alexander

I Lift My Voice

   - Words & Music by Andrea Ramsey


   - Words & Music by Abbie Betinis

Ella's Song

   - Words & Music by Bernice Johnson-Reagon

Long Overdue

   - Music by Andrea Ramsey

   - Words by Gardenia Bruce

There is a Place

   - Music by Troy Rosephanye Powell

   - Adapted from Psalm 85:10

How Good!

   - Words & Music by Michael Engelhardt

United in Purpose

   - Music by Rollo Dilworth

   - Words by Maya Angelou

Quiet Seeds,
Wild Embers

May 19th & 20th, 2023


   - Music by Andrea Ramsey

   - Words by Margaret Walker

1000 Grandmothers

   - Words & Music by Holly Near

   - Arranged by J. David Moore

No Mirrors in

   My Nana's House

   - Words & Music by Ysaye M Barnwell

Niño Precioso

   - Traditional Nicaraguan Folk Song

   - Arranged by Rosephanye Powell

Crióme Mi Madre

   - Music by Francisco J. Nuñez

   - Anonymous Text

Famine Song

   - Music & Lyrics by VIDA

   - Arranged by Matthew Culloton

Song of Ruth

   - Music by David N Childs

   - Text from Ruth 1:16-17

Moon Goddess

   - Music by Jocelyn Hagen

   - Original Text by Enheduanna

The Earth is
   Singing My Name

   - Music by Marjan Helms

   - Text by Dar N'Var

Lay Earth's Burdens Down

   - Words & Music by Paul Caldwell & Sean Ivory


   - Words & Music by Sara Bareilles

   - Arranged by Audrey Snyder

Wild Embers

   - Music by Melissa Dunphy

   - Poetry by Nikita Gill

We Remember Them

   - Music By Susan LaBarr

   - Text by Sylvan Kamens

      & Rabbi Jack Riemer

Starting Now

January 14th & 15th, 2023

Ad Astra

   - Music by Jacob Naverud

   - Text from the State Motto of Kansas

Stars I Shall Find

   - Music by Seth Houston

   - Poem by Sara Teasdale

Snowflakes Dancing

   - Words & Music by John Purifoy

A Winter's Day

   - Music by Sarah Quartel

   - Poetry by Lucy Maud Montgomery

Stars Above
   and Earth Below

   - Music by Rob Swenson

   - Poem by Sara Teasdale

Stars Do Tell

   - Music by Imant Raminsh

   - Text by Ben Abel


   - Music by Eriks Esenvalds

   - Poem by Sara Teasdale

Now Let Us Sing

   - Arranged by Melanie DeMore

   - Conducted by Rachel Alexander


   - Music and Text by Kyle Pederson


   - Words & Music by jim Papoulis

Paper Crane

   - Music by J. Reese Norris

   - Text from the story of Sadako Sasaki

Another World is Possible

   - Words & Music by FLOBOTS

One Foot/ Lead with Love

   - Words & Music by Melanie DeMore

   - Adapted from Psalm 85:10

Starting Now

   - Words & Music by Jocelyn Hagen

Sing About It!

June 17th & 18th, 2022

Hope Lingers On

   - Music by Lissa Schneckenburger

   - Arranged by Andrea Ramsey

Instrument of Peace

   - Text by St. Francis of Assisi

   - Music by Kelly-Marie Murphy

Earth Song

   - Words and Music by Frank Ticheli

Peace of Wild Things

   - Text by Wendell Berry

   - Music by Sean Ivory

Never One Thing

   - Words and Music by May Erlewine

   - Arranged by Corie Brown


   - Ruth Huber

Courage Calls to Courage

   Text based on Suffragette speeches and writing 

   - Music by Emily Crocker

They May Tell You

   - Text by Isabella Cook

   - Music by Andrea Ramsey

Say Her Name

   - Words and Music by Alysia Lee


   - Words and Music by Jim Papoulis


What’s Keeping You

   From Singing

   - Elizabeth Alexander


How Can I Keep

   From Singing?

   - Words and Music by Rev. Robert Lowry

   - Arranged by Rollo Dilworth


Crowded Table

   - Words and Music by Natalie Hemby,

      Lori McKenna, and Brandi Carlile

   - Arranged by Andrea Ramsey

Rising Concert Web.png

Rising From The Ashes

Nov 24th, 2021

When I Rise Up
Phoenix Song
Bright Morning Stars
Arise My Love

Still I Rise
Anyone Can Sing 

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