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Commissioned Music

Sistrum has commissioned two songs specifically for our own choir and audiences, both under the leadership of Dr. Meredith Bowen, Sistrum's Artistic Director at the time: "Dancing Naked at the Edge of Dawn," with words by Kris Radish and music by Jenni Brandon, and "Anyone Can Sing," with words by William Ayot and music by Andrea Ramsey. Likewise, Sistrum has had the privilege of singing many beautiful songs commissioned by other women's choirs centering the experiences and empowerment of women. Additionally, the piece "Beati qui esuriunt (Blessed are those who hunger)," was composed by Zebulon M. Highben specifically for Sistrum through the #MidwestHungerIs project through The Writing Center at Michigan State University. 



Andrea Ramsey, 2014

Anyone Can Sing


Andrea Ramsey, 2014

A Universal Dream


Jenni Brandon, 2009.



Andrea Ramsey, 2017

"Sistrum wins recognition from The American Prize for its ‘Dancing Naked at the Edge of Dawn’ CD" City Pulse

Sistrum has been a part of the ACDA National Women’s Commissioning Consortium since 2010, helping commission one to two new songs per year: 

Fall, Sweet Music (SSAA),Eric William Barnum, 2017.

You Are the Light of the Stars (SSAA), Joanne Metcalf, 2017.

Rise Up (SSAA), Jake Runestead, 2016.

Patterns on the Snow (SSAA), Mari Esabel Valverde, 2016. 

At the Heart of Our Stillness (SSAA), Kathleen Allan, 2016. 

I Am the Wind (SSAA), Elaine Hagenberg, 2017.

A Blessing of Cranes (SSAA), Abbie Betinis, 2014.

Spring Shall Bloom (SSAA), Susan LaBarr, 2014.

Truth (SSA), Andrea Ramsey, 2014.

Yellow Twig of Willow (SSA), Stephen Smith, 2013.

Carmel Highlands (SSAA), Daniel Kallman, 2012.

Full Fathom Five (SSAA), Paul Carey, 2012.

Flare (SSAA), Dale Trumbore, 2012.

Chapo Pu Fanm (SSAA), Sydney Guillaume, 2011.

Leshana Haba’a BiYerushalayim (SSAA), Shawn Kirchner, 2011.

Moon Goddess (SSAA), Jocelyn Hagen, 2011.

Reasons for the Perpetuation of Slavery (SSAA), Elizabeth Alexander, 2010.

Tundra (SSAA), Ola Gjeilo, 2010.

During her time as Sistrum Artistic Director, Meredith Bowen was Director Liaison for Sister Singers Network and spearheaded Jenni Brandon’s "Universal Dream” and Andrea Ramsey’s “Lineage” as part of the commissioning of music for the Sister Singers Network conferences. 

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