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Welcome to the Archives of Sistrum: Your Gateway to Our Musical Legacy. Immerse yourself in the vibrant history of Sistrum through our extensive collection of past performances, memorable events, and empowering moments. From our earliest beginnings to our most recent triumphs, explore the evolution of our choir's journey in advocating for social justice through music. Join us as we celebrate our past, present, and future, and uncover the heart and soul of Sistrum's enduring legacy.

Only Light

January 13, 2024


   - Abbie Betinis

Be The Light

   - Words & Music by Lea Morris

See The Light

   - Words & Music by Sarah Quartel

A Patch of Light

   - Music by Jacob Narverud

   - Text by Robert Bode

Where The Light Begins

   - Music by Susan LaBarr

   - Words by Jan Richardson

In Meeting We Are Blessed

   - Music by Troy D. Robertson

   - Words by R. Gatsnahos

      and John Donne


   - Words & Music by Jaakko Mäntyjärvi

Caritas Abundant

   - Music by Michael John Trotta

   - Words by Hildegard von Bingen

Justice Choir Sing-Along:

This is What Democracy Looks Like

   - Words & Music by Elizabeth Alexander

I Lift My Voice

   - Words & Music by Andrea Ramsey


   - Words & Music by Abbie Betinis

Ella's Song

   - Words & Music by Bernice Johnson-Reagon

Long Overdue

   - Music by Andrea Ramsey

   - Words by Gardenia Bruce

There is a Place

   - Music by Troy Rosephanye Powell

   - Adapted from Psalm 85:10

How Good!

   - Words & Music by Michael Engelhardt

United in Purpose

   - Music by Rollo Dilworth

   - Words by Maya Angelou

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