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Provide a Scholarship

Sistrum Lansing Women’s Chorus offers you the opportunity to support the chorus as well as celebrate someone/something important in your life.

A $50 donation to the Sistrum Scholarship Fund will allow you to make a dedication for the song of your choice during the Spring 2023 concert. Your 15-‐word dedication will be listed in the program booklet. Donations to the Sistrum Scholarship Fund will help us include singers who may not be able to pay the semesterly music fee or purchase performance props and costumes; it will also help those who need it travel to out‐of‐town performances such as the Sister Singers Network Festival and the GALA Choruses Festival.

Dedications and payments can be mailed to:

Sistrum, Lansing Women’s Chorus
P.O. Box 4191
East Lansing, MI 48826


paid via PayPal using

For questions please contact

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