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2021-2022 Sistrum Circle of Friends

When you become a part of the Sistrum Circle of Friends, you help us sing now
and into the future.
A special thanks to all of you. 

Dovey Johnson Roundtree

$5+ Advocate for abolition, temperance, civil & women’s rights in the 19th century

Claudette Andersen 





C. Lynn Babcock

Kathleen Badgley

Meredith Bradley

Joe & Sue Graybill

Cindy Hales

Carol Hill

Paula Hoelzer-Maddox

Carol Kasuda

Suzanne Levy

Ron & Judy Lott

Ellen Lurie

Tammy Nemeth &

       Michelle Brammer

Susan Pierson 

Paul Pratt

Bill & Gloria Purosky

Kim Rosebohm

Margo Smith

Bradley Vaulter

Cheryl Wahlquist 

Wilma Mankiller

$250+ First woman elected Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation

Sarah Coleman

Edyne & Allen Gordon     


Ellen Ives & Colleen Johnson

Marla Mitchell-Cichon

Judge Michelle & Matthew Rick

Jean Stewart

Laurie Van Egeren

Audre Lorde

$50+ American lesbian writer, feminist, womanist, librarian, & civil rights activist

Rev. Bill & Kathy Amundsen

Diane Ashera

Mary Boudreau

Marsha Chance

Frances Cook

Ronda Dexter

Tania Dupuis

Joan Forgrave

Barbara & Jerry Fuller

Judy Golden

Dr. Lisa Heller

Jean Herford

Kathy & David Hundt

Loretta Keaner

Sharon Ketchum

Trixie Long Smith

Rachel Luczak

Melissa Marie

Sara Ann McGirr

Gloria Miller

M. Kate Murphy

Rebecca Reagan

Marvin & Phyllis Rhynard

Tamar Shrikian

Ann Zinser

Dolores Huerta

$500+ Advocate for Hispanic civil rights, cofounder of the National Farm Workers’ Union, & founder of Agricultural Workers Association


Phil & Elaine Colflesh

Teresa Mastin

Nancy McCrohan

David O’Dowd

Richard Vollbach

Patsy Takemoto Mink  

$100+ First woman of color elected to the US Congress and the first Asian-American congresswoman

Muriel Feigenbaum

Julia Freije

Patty & Tony Garcia

Amy Geishert

Melodee Graybill

Dr. Lisa Haston

Denise Hauxwell

Carl & Anna Ill

H. Richard Jewell

Linda Kramer

Evan & Annette Lewis

Madeline & Robert Mavrogordato

Sally McWhirter

Barbara & Ronald Meloche

Joann Neuroth & Carolyn Lejuste

Phyllis Nix

Diane Roth

Shelly Van Huis

Beth Whaley





Ruth Bader Ginsburg

$1,000+ US Supreme Court Justice & advocate for gender equality & women’s rights

Nancy Colflesh

Mara McGill

Katie O’Sullivan See


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